Hi everyone! I apologize in the delay of my first post…it seemed like life got in the way the last week and kept me from posting. If you’ve read my “about” page, you already know a little about me, but I’ll fill you in on a little more. My name is Kristen, and I am starting this blog to post my thoughts on various subjects including books, movies, or anything that might come up along the way. Of course, I would love to read your comments or feedback.

The name of this blog “It Happened While Writing” is a nod to one of my favorite classic movies “It Happened One Night” featuring Clark Gable and Claudette Colbert. This movie means so much to me and my childhood, that on a vacation to Gettysburg, my husband and I happened upon an antique vendor selling a promotional picture of the two leads…of course I had to have it! For years, my husband was a good sport and dealt with it sitting in the coveted position on the night stand next to the bed. Clark Gable was one of my Grandmother’s favorite actors, and because of this she got me watching a lot of his films.

Fun fact: there is a Clark Gable museum located in Cadiz, OH. I’ve personally visited this museum twice; it’s located in the house where Clark was born and contains pictures and memorabilia.

Currently, I’m en route to Florida where I will be immersed in the world of one of my favorite book series Harry Potter! I can’t wait to see Diagon Alley and ride the Hogwarts Express; I will let you all know my thoughts when I get back.

Until next time,


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