The Black Rose

The wind blows
A constant breeze that rustles the tree branches on the horizon
Outside the window a bright day waits
Inside, nothing will be the same again

A woman lays there, clinging to exist
Half a lifetime filled with pain
Bones brittle and knotted
The shallow breaths become few and far between
Only the gentle rise of her chest the indication life is still present in her body

The last petal from the black rose silently falls
As she is taken from this earth before her time
Relief, rage, despair all wash over those standing around the bed
Finally she is in a place without pain
No longer struggling for one minute of peace with a body that fought so hard against her
Though she will be missed, she’s finally free

© Kristen Ricketts 2017


Almost 3 years ago I lost one of the most important people in my life. Since then, it has been almost a daily struggle to understand why. Until recently, I faithfully repeated “it was for the best” over and over trying to force myself to believe these simple words. The Black Rose is my way of letting go of the anger and finally accepting one of the greatest losses I will ever know. You will forever be missed ♥

6 thoughts on “The Black Rose

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  1. I’m sorry for your loss, I recently lost my grandmother and grandfather both. I’m sure it gets easier but it’s never not hard. This is a beautiful dedication. Thank you for sharing it.


  2. Really like this poem. It’s sobering when you lose someone close but it can also be freeing like you allude to here depending on the situation. This is a very beautiful way to find acceptance.


  3. Mima is resting peacefully and watching over you always. I wish we could keep our Grandmas with us forever and ever! ❤


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