Oblivion Ascends

It stands
A beacon to the heavens
Once graced with an unmatched grandeur
Broken down by the wrath of mortals
Spanning centuries
As the stones begin to tumble
Death and destruction wage on
Illness spreading from coast to coast
Earth on the verge of annihilation
At the hands of humanity
And all we do is watch
As the tower crumbles

©Kristen Ricketts 2019
Photo from Pixabay

The Forgotten

A cold breeze blows through the corridor
Empty nothingness
The flames of the fire flicker
Barely casting heat into cold, damp murkiness
Silence louder than any thought
An icy caress the only reminder of existence

©Kristen Ricketts

Daily Prompt- Forlorn

Road Less Traveled

A long journey
Culminating with two routes
Torn between the road less traveled, and the well worn path
Always gravitating toward the uncomplicated
But not this time
I trudge on
Through the tangled vines and overgrown grass
Each step carrying me closer to my purpose
The foreboding feeling of failure
A constant feeling of inadequacy
An endless battle
The exhausting journey proving to be the most rewarding


© Kristen Ricketts


Snow falls

I stand on the ridge
Observing the village below
The smell of snow lingering on the breeze
In the distance, the sky turns grey
The impending threat of a squall

Soon, the valley will become serene
Like a painting, glittering with diamonds
As the first snow of the season
Gently falls from the heavens
Each snowflake unique

The undisturbed beauty,
Of the flawless landscape
As the ground is slowly blanketed
By the snowfall
All noise, muted

The view, indescribably enchanting
As the moon begins to rise
On the fresh snow
The glow, illuminating the earth
A glimmering iridescence 

And I continue my watch
Like a silent guardian

© Kristen Ricketts

Cracked Mirror

An ageless beauty
Staring into a cracked mirror
Every day a reminder of a youth gone by
The lines etched into her skin
Battle scars of a life lived
Memories surround
The only reminders of what could’ve been
Had one choice been different
But, alas
The past can’t be manipulated
Repercussions left as a remnant
One piece of a broken heart
Of the woman who stares back

© Kristen Ricketts

Haunted Melody

The percussive sounds steamed though the speakers
The haunting melody taking me back
Back to a time that was not easily remembered
Characterized by pain and sorrow
It had taken a long time to forget
But now the memories streamed forth with such fervor
A remembrance of which could be my downfall
I struggle against them
Determined not to let myself be taken back
To the void


©Kristen Ricketts


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