The Edge of Forever

Standing on the edge
The rocks below jutting out into the murky water
The smell of the salt water permeating my senses
Wind carries the cool mist well above the water
Coming to rest against my skin like a gentle caress
Not knowing what the future holds, I gaze out at the endless ocean
A cascade of waves and dreams that will never come to fruition
Standing at the edge of forever, I ponder what will come
Where will this life take me
I fall

© Kristen Ricketts


A state of endless darkness
Every day a constant struggle against the inky black
Light always just out of reach
Teetering on the edge
So close that you can feel yourself falling
The unknown calls relentlessly
Giving in to an end
To free yourself from all the pain and self doubt


©Kristen Ricketts

Locked Away

I look
Once again through the keyhole
At sights unseen
Obscured by darkness
And everything in between

Lost in the abstract
Of a world unknown
A place locked away
From the prying eyes
Of those who come by day

No one can fathom
What I feel
As I sit here alone
With nothing but solitude
Just skin and bone

I’ve dwelled within these walls
Unable to break the chains
The light of day
Warm against my skin
Keeping the demons at bay

But when night falls
They return
To plague my reality
Unable to escape
I will never be free


© Kristen Ricketts 2017

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