Stephen King’s IT floats into theaters

After going to a pre-screening of Stephen King’s IT, here are my thoughts on the theatrical release.

What stood out to me almost right away is that this film is a completely different take than it’s 1990s made-for-tv counterpart. Growing up during this decade the tv mini-series was a favorite of mine, and I went into this with high hopes.  The new adaptation follows the opening chapters of the book more closely than the 1990’s mini-series did (I have not finished reading the novel so I cannot yet speak on the full work). The use of modern special effects added to the story and weren’t distracting like most modern day horror films; instead, they kept you in the moment.
I did however feel that the film had a bit of a slow start, but once the storyline began to pick up I became more interested. There was also a good combination of creepy moments as well as comedic ones that had me both anxiously awaiting what would come next, but also had the theater laughing; one didn’t overshadow the other.
Now to Pennywise. Personally, I favor Tim Curry’s portrayal of this character from the 1990s mini-series over that of Bill Skarsgård in this role. Both actors played Pennywise well, I just feel that there was something extra in Tim Curry’s memorable performance.

Leaving the theater, I was satisfied with IT. I would definitely recommend seeing this movie if you are looking for a well acted, well directed adaptation of this novel.

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